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Web Hosting FAQ

What is web hosting ?

Web hosting (also referred as website hosting) is a service that allows you to upload and store HTML documents and related files (images, media files, etc.) on our web server. Our server then makes the files available on the Internet for viewing by the public.

Is there a monthly data traffic limit ?

All our web hosting plans have a ‘Fair-Use’ data traffic limit which is considered 10 times of the available webspace (i.e. 10 GB / 25 GB / 50 GB / 100 GB monthly traffic limit for BRONZE / SILVER / GOLD and PLATINUM plans respectively).

What are the advantages of professional web hosting ?

There are several advantages to web hosting over free hosting services, with the first being domain names. With web hosting, you have the ability to host your website at your domain name, whereas with free website hosting, you generally have a long website address under the hosting providers name (i.e.…).

Often times, free hosting services require their advertising to remain on your website. At 8TECH HK you fully control the content of your website – all plans are completely ads-free.

Another big advantage of website hosting is the sizable increase in your disk space and bandwidth. With free hosting services, you typically have limited amounts of disk space and bandwidth. The larger amounts that come with your account allow you to hold more files and receive more visitors to your website.

Also, all web hosting plans are ready for dynamic content like a blog or CMS and include a database.

What hardware do you use for web hosting ?

We use only top of the line, custom-built servers running the ultra-stable and secure Debian operating system. All our servers are assembled by an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm in Germany. These high quality standards enable us to give an uptime guarantee for all our services.

Hardware Highlights:

  • Enterprise Class Quality
  • Fast Intel Xeon(TM) Quad-Core processors
  • At least 16 GB RAM
  • RAID Storage with Battery Backup
  • Redundant High-Efficiency Power Supplies

How long does it take for my hosting account to be setup ?

Your web hosting account will be setup immediately after payment. You will receive an email confirmation with your login and FTP information after your account is setup.

Can I upgrade my web hosting plan later ?

Yes, you can upgrade your account at any time, e.g. if you need more disk space or email storage.

How can I transfer my existing website to 8TECH HK ?

First, make a backup of your existing website (files and database) and transfer to your local computer. Once your web hosting account has been setup you can transfer the files to our server (using the data provided in our welcome email).

What is a ‘web hosting control panel’ ?

Our web hosting control panel is a tool which allows all of the settings of your web hosting plan to be setup through a user interface. You can easily connect via your internet browser and administer your email accounts, email addresses, passwords and much more. The login data will be provided by email when your web hosting account is created.

How do I login to my web hosting control panel ?

The login data has been provided in the account setup email. If you have lost this email please contact our support and we will be happy to resend it.

Can I host multiple websites ?

Yes, you can host multiple websites.

How do I update my website ?

To update your website, you will need an FTP program. There are several free programs available online – we recommend FileZilla which is available for various operating systems.

How should the starting page be named ?

Please name your starting page index.htm, index.html or index.php (all lowercase).

Can I track how many people visit my website ?

Yes, every webhosting plan comes with a powerful stats tool (AWStats). It will show you how many visitors have visited your site, where they came from and much more. Stats also include graphical charts, making it easy for you to see how your website performs.

How do I renew my web hosting plan ?

Your hosting account will be renewed automatically to avoid disruption of service. You will receive a reminder email before renewal.

Can I use PHP on my website ?

Yes, all web hosting plans support PHP 5.

Do you offer a database solution ?

Yes, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM web hosting plans include at least one mySQL database to support dynamic content (e.g. a blog or CMS).

Do you allow adult content ?

No. Adult content is a violation of our Terms of Service and we will suspend any account storing and/or distributing such material without refund.

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